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A Message from the Board of Trustees of the Chester Springs Library


In February, concerned residents of West Pikeland Township petitioned the Board of Supervisors to place a referendum question on the ballot in the May elections.This question will ask Township voters to approve a special tax of .3 mills for the support of the Chester Springs Library. This procedure was taken in accordance with a special provision in the Pennsylvania Library Code that permits the raising of a local tax to support a public library and authorizes the petition process to put the question on the ballot.


The Library has been running operating deficits since 2009 as a result of significant cut-backs (over 50%) in state, county and municipal funding for the Library. The Library has been covering those deficits through increased fund-raising activities by The Friends of the Chester Springs Library, decreasing costs through reductions in staff and hours,and, ultimately by dipping into the Library's reserve and endowment funds. These are temporary and partial answers and can go only so far in solving our financial crisis. Unless a permanent and stable source of funding can be found, the Library will be forced to close.


See related article and endorsement in the Daily Local News.


The proposed tax is a modest one: .3 mills (.0003) on the local real estate assessment base. The average parcel assessment in West Pikeland Township is approximately $250,000, resulting in a yearly tax of only $75! That's about20¢ per day! For a property assessed at $400,000, the tax would be $120 per year...about 33¢ per day! And remember, a property's assessment amount is not the same as market value, which is generally much higher than the assessed value.


See Fact Sheet.


We think the residents of West Pikeland will agree that this modest tax is a small price to pay to keep our charming Library alive. The Chester Springs Library is a symbol of our unique community,an important resource for all of us, especially our children who benefit from its reading and science programs, and a valuable presence in the Historic Village of Yellow Springs.


Please vote "Yes" on May 20th! Keep the Library doors open! And, you did, by an unofficial vote count of 287 "Yes" votes to 192 "No" votes. Thank you West Pikeland voters! And, thank you to all those whose love of the library and hard work made it happen, especially the Friends and Trustees! See the Daily Local News article here.

Last Modified: 1/20/15

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