Fast Facts

Need a fact and need it fast? Below is a list of useful websites that will help you find the information you're looking for:

50 States of the United States Information
Any day in History
Area Code Directory
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Calculators On-Line
Calendar Zone
Currency Converter

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Dead People Server
Directory of U.S. Newspapers
Flags of All Countries
Gallup Polls
How Stuff Works
Information Please
Internet Acronym Server
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Many Ways to say Merry Christmas
Merriam-Webster Online
My Virtual Reference Desk
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Nobel Prizes

Literature Book Awards
Pennsylvania Election Statistics
Presidents of the United States
Pulitzer prizes
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Statistical Abstract of the United States
Sun/Moon Rise/Set Table
Telephone Directories on the Web
Telephone Searches on the Web
Univ. of Michigan Government Documents Center
U.S. Government Documents Ready Reference Collection
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U.S. State Dept.- Background Notes
United States Vital Records Information
Urban Legends
World Factbook
Yellow Pages
Zip Code Directory

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Last Modified: 5/30/14