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Federal web site contains legislative information from the Library of Congress. It covers Federal Bills, roll call votes, Congressional Record, Schedules and Calendars as well as Federal Laws. It also has the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as well as other historical documents.
Find Law -contains Federal Laws arranged by subject.
Cornell Univeristy -The Cornell Law School web site contains U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Laws, Supreme Court opinions as well as Federal Court opinions.
Supreme Court -contains Supreme Court opinions, oral arguments, biographies of Supreme Court justices, and court rules.
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Pennsylvania Manual-comprehensive information on Pennsylvania Government. Also includes Pennsylvania history, Pennsylvania Constitution.
PA State Homepage-contains information on the Pennsylvania Government, Pennsylvania Laws, Pennsylvania Constitution and Pennsylvania Bulletin.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau -This web site contains the laws of Pennsylvania from 1682 up to the most recently completed session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.
Pennsylvania Code-contains the Code of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Bulletin-contains the Pennsylvania Bulletin back to 1996.
Find Law-contains Pennsylvania Code and Statutes for Pennsylvania as well as laws for other states.
Jenkins Law Library-contains information on Pennsylvania Court Opinions from 1996.
Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System-contains Pennsylvania Court Opinions as well as disciplinary board.
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Municipal and Local Laws
State and Local Government on the Net -contains information on all state and local governments (counties and boroughs).
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Consumer Information
Jenkins Law Library-contains legal forms both Federal and State. Choose research tools and then research links. Under other resources select legal forms.
Find Law-also contains legal forms both Federal and State. As well as information on attorneys and law firms by practice area or state.
Martindale-Hubbell-useful for locating an attorney or law firm by practice area or state.
Nolo Legal Encyclopedia-covers many legal topics by subject area.
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Last Modified: 3/3/14