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  1. Staff Picks
    1. Please use this form to submit a Staff Pick for the website. Staff Picks may be from any area of the collection, but they do need to be in the catalog. These picks will be displayed on the Staff Picks page of the CC/HH website. You can also fill out a Staff Pick bookmark and place it in your book / CD / movie / audiobook / video game / magazine as well.

    2. According to The Merriam Webster Dictionary (used via GVRL), a blurb is “a short publicity notice (as on a book jacket).” The purpose of a Staff Picks blurb is to make someone want to read, watch, or listen to the book / movie / audiobook / video game / magazine / CD.

    3. - It should be about 4-5 sentences long
      - Should contain a brief overview of the book / movie / CD
      - Who would like the book / movie / CD 
      - Why you loved the book / movie / CD 

      Please fill out all the fields on the form. You will be emailed when your Staff Pick is posted. Blurbs may be edited. Your first name and library will be added to the end of your blurb. Thanks for participating!

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